AdvantAge Ontario Association of Not-For-Profit LTC Homes
Ontario Long Term Care Association Association of For-Profit LTC Homes
Ontario Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility A guide to programs and services for seniors*
Journal of Human Rights and Social Work Ethical issues in long-term care: a human rights perspective
Journal of the American Medical Association  Ethical and legal issues in nursing home care
Journal of Medical Ethics Article: Use of physical restraints in nursing homes: clinical-ethical considerations
I am excited to share that I was at @AdvantAgeOnt’s #ALPFall2023 to speak about “Ethics in Long Term Care, Issues and Processes”¬† on October 16-20 at Novotel Hotel, North York.
I am thrilled to share that I am speaking at @AdvantAgeOnt’s #ALPSpring 2024 to speak about Ethics & Values in Management on June 11th, 2024.  Registration is also now open for their in-person session happening on October 21-25. You can apply here: https://na.eventscloud.com/website/51516/2024-fall/. Hope to see you there!