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    Health Ethics

    Getting below the surface (or wading into the muck)

    An introduction to ethics in healthcare.


    Six 1 hour sessions.

    Weekly – on-line, recorded. As interactive and discursive as we can manage.

    First session: Weds January 25th 2023 2pm-3pm

    Last session: Weds March 1st 2023 2pm-3pm

    Session 1: Ethical reasoning (or what makes right acts right?)

    What counts as a reason in ethics?  Why should we do this rather than that?

    How do we spot, or identify, moral problems?

    Is there an important distinction between personal morality, and professional ethical duty?

    A very quick overview of the dominant approaches to ethical reasoning from Socrates to contemporary feminist moral philosophy.

    Session 2: Ethics through the life-cycle – the beginning.


    A case (Mum and daughter)

    The beginnings of personhood

    Decision-making on behalf of children

    JJ (Brant case)

    Consent, assent and refusal

    Session 3: Ethics through the life cycle — the middle.

    Autonomy (and its limits)

    Consent and refusal


    Substitute decision-making

    Advance care planning

    Session 4: Ethics through the life cycle — the end

    When does a person end?

    Diminished capacity and consent


    Waryzniak (Case)

    Medical Aid in Dying


    Donation after cardiac death

    Taquisha McKitty (case)

    Session 5: Ethics in health care organizations

    Accreditation and an “Ethics Framework” (A Framework for Supporting Ethical Practice)

    Ethical decision-making tools

    Ethics Committees

    Case consultation and case review

    Ethics oversight of research

    Session 6: Current Issues (tbd)

    Possibly an open question and answer session.

    Possibly a topic identified as a priority.


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