Ethics case consultation must be timely – and useful.  It should help to unpack and elucidate a situation, identify the people who are, or should be involved, identify the relevant reasons for choosing this rather than that and provide a structure for decision and action.  Often, organizations create local or regional case-consultation teams supported by a trained ethicist.

Questions about a particular situation or issue?  Ethics consultation can facilitate the reflective and decision-making process.  Typically we would start by unpacking the situation, trying to understand the exact nature of the problem that needs action.  We would look at the issue from all perspectives and identify both those involved in the situation and who, exactly, has the authority to come up with a solution, act on it and provide a mechanism for feedback and review.

Often organizations prepare tools – in particular  an “Ethical Decision-Making Framework” to help guide staff in thinking – and feeling, their way through ethically challenging situations.

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