Emma Johnston

Emma graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelors of Arts in World Religion and Cultural Studies. She then went on to complete her Masters of Divinity from McMaster University. Her focus of interest and study lies in religious and cultural diversity, gender studies and pastoral care.

She is currently the lead pastor of a rural church in Southwestern Ontario where her focus is on developing strong, supportive communities and promoting an active awareness of cultural and religious ideologies. Her hope is that through education and understanding, society will continue to cultivate a firmer grasp of how spirituality and religion inform and influence the individual. She believes that people need to be approached holistically, taking into consideration, mind, body and spirit, and that for many the concept of wellness, along with issues surrounding life and death are interpreted through the lens of both personal and cultural spirituality.

Emma lives with her husband and three children, she enjoys writing, organizing community events and dialoguing with people with diverse backgrounds and ideologies.