Hi Everyone,

I’m Emma. I have my undergraduate degree in Cultural Studies and World Religions and a Masters that focused on leadership, community building and outreach from McMaster University. I have a certificate in Emotional Intelligence from the University of Western Ontario, the Four Seasons of Reconciliation Certificate from First Nations University of Canada, and I’m currently working on my certificate in Inclusive Leadership.

For the past 17 years I have collaborated with a number of organizations helping them create meaningful programs, and effective, community centered outreach strategies. I have developed and fostered social engagement plans in a variety of environments and have created diverse learning platforms for a wide range of needs, topics and age demographics.

I spent several years owning a local newspaper and community building business, and continue to help people, organizations and communities build safe, effective, and purposeful spaces for connection and learning.

I live with my husband and three kids in a small Ontario town, and spend most of my free time playing outside, reading, or talking to people.